About us

Shishaman is Australia's largest seller of Hookah and Shisha products. Not only do we have the biggest range but we also have the best quality products on the market. You will not find our Hookah and Shisha products anywhere else in Australia, especially at these very low prices.

Shishaman is a very personal business. We are not business people, we are passionate Shisha smokers that want to share our passion with you. For us Shisha is part of our lifestyle. We use it to relax and unwind with our mates and take a break from our busy lives.

Our customers are the most integral part of Shishaman. We appreciate all feedback and emails. We develop a relationship with our clientele and are constantly emailing them to find out about their Shisha smoking experience with our products. We are very honest with our opinions and will offer advice on any subject matter.

If you have any enquiries don't hesitate to email us. You will receive a hasty reply.